Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Collection!

I wanted to share my amazing collection of artwork from the prestigious design fella's at Blue Sky! Anyways, I had the privilege of working with such amazing talent. We ended up doing an art trade, I sculpted their character and they gave me an original art piece! I've spent lots of money on framing these bad boys. Its an honor to have such amazing art in my place!

Vince Nguyen (sculpted the boy and dodo from his children's book), Robert MacKenzie (sculpted his giant from his children's book which can be found on his blog), Dice Tsutsumi (Sculpted Wootie, the mascot of Out Of Picture) and I got an original watercolor drawing from Peter DeSeve (did some touch ups on a sculpture he did for the Society of Illustrator's competition)....all my sculpts can be found on

I'll also be working with Nash Dunnigan (sculpting one of his comic drawings in Out Of Picture

Vince Nguyen (still needs to be framed)

Robert MacKenzie

Dice Tsutsumi

Peter DeSeve